Corporate Venturing (eBook)


This e-book describes why and how Corporates can successfully use venturing to create new business that is crucial for their long term survival. – ISBN 978-90-79812-22-6.


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How to create new business in Corporates?
Corporate Venturing almost sounds like a ‘contradictio in terminis’. Can colossal, slow and inflexible dinosaurs live and work together with small, agile and entrepreneurial ventures? This book describes why and how Corporates can successfully use venturing to create new business that is crucial for their long term survival.

‘This is an essential reference for anyone interested in corporate venturing. It is full of helpful insights, and is illustrated with loads of great examples.’ (Henry Chesbrough, professor at UC Berkeley and author of Open Innovation)

‘DSM has endeavoured on many different tools to create its future by corporate venturing. In this book you will find an excellent overview and a valuable structure on how to implement venturing in your organization.’ (Rob van Leen, Chief Innovation Officer, Royal DSM)

‘Corporate Venturing describes the struggle of companies with new business development and elegantly shows how co-creation and partnerships can help companies in shaping their future.’ (Frits van Hout, Chief Program Officer and member of the Board of Management, ASML)

Innovation family
In this book Corina Kuiper and Fred van Ommen describe how Corporate Venturing is part of the company’s ‘innovation family’, where babies and teenagers are the new business initiatives and the parents and grandparents represent the established business.


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